Mosaic product

Ostheosynthesis Products

The osteosynthesis products of the I.CERAM® range are the following:

  • Screws and washers

* Self-tapping cortical screws (Ø2, Ø2.7, Ø3.5, Ø4.5, Ø5)

* Self-tapping cancellous screws (Ø4, Ø6.5 )

* Self-tapping malleolar screws (Ø4.5 perforated or not)

* Washers (Ø7 and Ø13)

  • Plates

* Plates for screws Ø4.5 and Ø6.5

* Small fragments plates for screws Ø3.5 and Ø4

* Mini fragments plates for screws Ø2.7

* Mini fragments plates for screws Ø2

  • Broches

* Kirschner’s wires (1 trocar point/1 foam end OR 2 trocar points)

* Steinmann pins (Ø4 and Ø4.5)

* Foam April pins (Ø2, Ø2.5, Ø3)

* Bicolor guide pins (threaded or not)

* Pins with antimigration tips (splined or threaded)

  • Bone staples

*Straight staples (width 13.7mm, 20mm and 26.5mm)