The work of I.CERAM

Founded in December 2005 by André Kérisit, I.CERAM designs, manufactures and markets high-tech implants for various joints of the human body (ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, wrist …). The company relies on an expertise of over 30 years in terms of dialogue, guidance and support among orthopedic surgeons.

The marriage of different ceramic materials and processes is one of the main features of the company. Thus the clinical experience, combined with compressive strength qualities, osteo-compatibility or decrease friction ceramics are exploited in the design of new implants of the company.

I.CERAM uses its unique industrial knowledge, know-how and trade secrets to develop alumina bio-ceramic implants capable of addressing the treatment of bone infections and bone metastases.

Based at the Ester technology park in Limoges, it has its own manufacturing facilities taht includes a ceramic laboratory where its teams are developing tomorrow’s implants.

By concentrating from the outset on quality and rigor, I.CERAM applies these values on a daily basis to meet the needs of practitioners. Products are designed in collaboration with specialists with one obsession in mind: the welfare of their patients.

Adhering to the European Center of Ceramics, I.CERAM is surrounded by engineers from major institutions (Arts and crafts, ENSCI, INSA, CESI, etc.), with a single purpose: to improve patient comfort and to facilitate the professional practices of orthopedic surgeons.

December 19, 2014, I.CERAM took a new step towards its development by its listing on the Paris Alternext Stock exchange. This listing of the company enables private placement by qualified investors.