Mosaic product


The artificial shoulder joint M.M.S is a modular implant allowing the surgeon to get an optimum in situ stability and adaptation with a minimum bone resection. The bottom of the impaction taper, designed to collect the humeral neck, has a daisy-shaped geometry allowing the placement of the humeral neck in 8 different positions to reinforce the implant’s modularity.

Product description

Humeral stem:
TA6V ELI Titanium to be cemented, lateral grooves + proximal fin ensuring the stability of the implant
optional fixing with cortical screw Ø4.5
Humeral neck: Titanium TA6V ELI Titanium
3 types of cervix: neutral, lateralized 3mm, angled 5°
8 possible positions according to the cervix size
Humeral head: TA6V ELI Titanium
ceramic coating Carbiocéram
4 small-sized diameters / 4 wide-sized diameters
Glenoid cavity: HDPE
to be cemented
2 fixation tapers
3 sizes

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