Mosaic product

Lemovice (Anatomic / Titanium)

The titanium Lemovice is the non-cemented version of the stainless steel Lemovice. Like its cemented homologue, it ensures an optimal adaptation of the hip pivot to the thigh bone in order to lower the femoral loosening. Its anatomical anteversion allows reducing the wear caused by the friction between the head and the acetabular cup, therefore limiting the debris of polyethylene and noticeably improves the implant’s longevity.

Product description

Non-cemented anatomical stem
Material: Hydroxyapatite-coated anodized titanium
Grooves improving the implant’s stability
Morpho-fitted curve: 9° in proximal portion – 5° in distal portion
Cervicodiaphysal angle: 132°
Morse cone: 6° 10/12
Range: 5 implants per side