Mosaic product

ISIS II Double Mobility (Titanium / PE)

The ISIS® II double mobility range is composed of stainless steel (M30NW) that is micro beaded, grooved, and hydroxyapatite-coated externally. The shape and structure of the external part (equatorial widening and spikes) ensures the implant stability through time by allying optimal primary and secondary fixations. The internal mirror polished surface is compatible with a range of polyethylene cores.

You can watch a surgery performed by Dr Fourastier on YKSI-Med website following this link

Product description

- Equatorial widening leading to a Press-Fit effect of 1 mm.
- The harpoon shape reinforces the stability in the bone acetabulum.
- equidistant spikes (Ø 3 mm) improves the primary fixation, especially in rotation.
- The external grooves create a favourable environment for bone regrowth.
- Internal mirror polished surface for the insertion of the polyethylene cores.
- High-density polyethylene core.