Mosaic product

Dihedral wedges for tibial tuberosity

The dihedral wedges are designed for the rotation of the anterior tibial tuberosity. This implant ensures the support of the provided correction as well as the solidification of the small bone tongue to the tibia. For this to happen, a drilling is made in the implant for the placement of a Ø5mm screw. The opened porosity of the material facilitates the bone ingrowth and the complete consolidation is effective between 3 and 6 months after the implant’s installation.

Product description

Material: Cellular porous Alumina Al2O3
Open porosity between 200 and 600 µm
Mechanical strength during compression: 25 to 60 MPa
Hole enables the placement of a Ø5mm screw
Range: 3 different thickness sizes (see specification sheet)