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Ceramic Sternum (CERAMIL®)

The Porous Alumina Ceramic Sternum (CERAMIL®) is used to replace sternum when it is destroyed or invaded by a tumor. It can also be used for thoracic reconstruction in sternal agenesis.

It is anchored by means of non-absorbable sutures threads, which allows the functionality of the sternum to be restored in the kinetics of the rib cage and also to maintain flexibility thanks to the type of suture.

Porous alumina is completely biocompatible, which allows excellent tolerance to the long term of this sternum

This device does not cause any artifacts during x-rays or scans, which allows a good quality of radiological monitoring and it is compatible with radiotherapy.

You can watch two operations performed by Dr Bertin on YKSI-Med website:

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Product description

Sternum in porous alumina
Perimeter holes for anchoring with suture
Available in 5 sizes and 3 half sizes for manubrium replacement
Comes with trial implants allowing the choice of size and optimizing the preparation of the implantation area