Mosaic product

AKILE® Total Ankle Replacement

The AKILE® ankle prosthesis is a high-congruence tri-compartmental prosthesis with a trochleo-spherical talus dome, a spherical contact between the intermediate and the tibial part, with an optional lockable keel. This prosthesis offers excellent results regarding the polyethylene’s wear thanks to the congruence of the parts and to its Carbioceram® anti-wear ceramic coating.

The surgical technical can be displayed here

You can watch a surgery performed by Dr Toullec on YKSI-Med website following this link

Product description

Tibial part:
-Stainless steel : M30NW
-Carbioceram® coating (I.CERAM® patent – micro hardness: 4500Hv – friction coefficient of 0.06 on the articular part).
-Al2O3 alumina coating at bone contact

Talus part:
-Stainless steel : M30NW
-Carbioceram® coating on the articular part
-l2O3 alumina coating at bone contact

Intermediate part:
-High-density polyethylene
-Built-in radiographic landmark